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קריירה בשב"כ
  • 12/01/2022
    The ISA have been looking into a secret Iranian Espionage Network that recruited Israeli women
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    DFLP - The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

    A Leninist-Marxist left-wing group that broke off from the PFLP of George Habash in February 1969, due to personal and ideological disagreements between Habash and Nayef Hawatmeh, a Christian originally from Jordan, who has headed the DFLP since its establishment. The DFLP, which opposed the political line led by Arafat in the PLO, was part of the “Opposition Front", a framework established by Palestinian factions opposed to agreements with Israel. Over the years, though, calls for adaptation to the new developments on the Palestinian scene in the wake of the Oslo Accords grew within the organization. Accordingly, the DFLP announced its willingness (May 1998) to be part of a permanent settlement on the basis of UN decisions regarding the Palestinian issue. This moderate line was not accepted by all of the organization’s activists, and due to these differences of opinion, the moderates split off (1990), under the leadership of Yasser Abed Rabbo, Hawatmeh’s deputy, who founded FIDA, the Palestine Democratic Union, which held views close to those of Fatah and eventually became part of the PA. Signs of increasing moderation could also be seen in Hawatmeh himself, who even requested permission to enter PA areas, thus engendering the anger of opposition groups, as well as of activists in his own organization, following his highly published handshake with Israeli President Ezer Weizman during the funeral of King Hussein of Jordan (February 8, 1999). Regarding terror attacks – The DFLP figured prominently in attacks in the 1970s, including the terror attack in Maalot (1974), the infiltration in Magshimim (1975) and in Beit Shean, and the explosion of a booby-trapped cart on Jaffa St in Jerusalem (1975). During the Second Intifada (beginning in September 2000), the organization’s activists carried out terror attacks primarily in the Gaza Strip, involving shooting attacks, infiltrations of settlements and army posts, the setting of explosive charges, and the firing of rockets and mortars. Most of these attacks were carried out in cooperation with activists from other terror organizations.

  • 6/21/2024 4:14:02 PM