5/21/2024 4:05:58 AM
קריירה בשב"כ
  • Statement by

    ISA Director

    We are living in an era of a dizzying pace of change, and we must always be one step ahead of our adversaries. We must engage in unceasing efforts to adapt to the changing reality and be able to meet the challenges of the future in the different arenas.

    As part of our broad responsibility, we will address challenges of national security – taking into account the severity and trajectory of the threats – in collaboration with our partners in the security establishment, with each organization pressing home its relative advantage. We will continuously strive to be groundbreaking, innovative, and creative, while abiding by democratic values, carrying out the mission of the Israeli Security Agency, and operating in accordance with the law.

    In my view, the guiding principles of our work are a broad responsibility, teamwork, and humility.

    Our values shape the unique image of the ISA's employees, who provide the Israeli people with security and a sense of safety. In addition to constantly seeking to position ourselves at the forefront of technology, we must be modest and operate covertly and professionally as “an unseen shield”. We must uphold excellence as a way of life, both personally and as an organization. We have been blessed with professional employees with a strong sense of duty who come to work every day for the sake of a larger goal. The people of the Israeli Security Agency are the secret of our success.

    The ISA will continue to lead and challenge the boundaries of the imagination, and will work to realize its goal of safeguarding the State of Israel.

    Ronen Bar, ISA Director

    להמשך קריאה
  • The Unseen Shield

    ISA vision - ISA will prevent terrorism, espionage, sabotage,

    threats to democracy, and disclosure of state secrets

    (ISA vision)

  • 5/21/2024 4:05:58 AM