6/21/2024 5:33:43 PM
קריירה בשב"כ

Joint ISA-Israel Police Investigation Reveals that Over 20 Israeli Citizens have been Investigated on Suspicion of Developing, Manufacturing and Trafficking in Advanced Weaponry with a Foreign State


The following has been cleared for publication:


In recent months, the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), Israel Police and Defense Ministry, in conjunction with the State Attorney's Office (Economic Dept.), have investigated over 20 Israeli citizens, including former defense industry employees, on suspicion of having carried out offenses against the security of the state, violations of the law on the supervision of security exports, money-laundering and additional economic offenses.


In the framework of the ISA investigation, it was learned that the suspects were engaged in illegally developing, manufacturing, testing and selling armed cruise missiles for an Asian country.


It was also learned that the suspects received instructions from elements associated with the same foreign country in exchange for payment of considerable funds as well as other benefits.


The ISA investigation has revealed that the contacts between the suspects and the elements in the Asian country were held in secret in an effort to conceal the destination of the missiles.


The investigation uncovered considerable information about the foreign elements' work methods vis-à-vis Israelis including the use of the techniques of concealment and secrecy in carrying out the transactions and moving the merchandise.


This affair underscores the potential damage to the security of the state inherent in illegal transactions carried out by Israeli citizens with foreign elements, including the concern that such technology could reach countries hostile to Israel.


Material from the investigation has been transferred for evaluation by the State Attorney's Office (Economic Dept.).


All other details of the investigation, including the identities of the suspects, are under a gag order.


Attached photo credits: ISA

6/21/2024 5:33:43 PM